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Isogone club

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What is it ?

The Isogone Club is the all-inclusive Selfcare. A monthly subscription that entitles you to a personalized treatment plan and support from start to finish, including your home care routine.

It allows you to be supported, advised, have access to new discounts, exclusive offers, free care and more!

With the Isogone Club, you are guaranteed to have healthy skin, all year round.

Multi-ethnic models

How it works ?

To become a member of the Isogone Club, simply contact our team and complete the forms online or in person!

Thereafter, a personalized treatment plan will be established according to the needs of your skin. A care routine at home will be offered to you as well as a free product of your choice.

The Isogone Club is very malleable and allows you to adapt your subscription according to your needs and desires.

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What are the advantages ?


3D face scan

Treatment plan with a professional  

Free medical grade products


Free delivery sitewide


15% on all treatments


Exclusive Offers


Free facial every 4 months


Birthday gifts


VIP access to products

How much does it cost ? 
per month

Thank you for what you sent !

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